Novotel Twin Waters Resort ~ Mr and Mrs Lucas


This is a BIG LOVE my friends, it was a Black Tie affair for this gorgeous Sunshine Coast wedding at the beautiful Novotel Twin Waters Resort for Tristie & Peter and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Tristie and Peter have been together for 4 years after meeting through Peter’s younger Brother and engaged for 2 years before they said “I do”. Being in the armed forces is something Peter is very passionate about yet it’s not an easy life for either of them to be apart from each other. The most important thing is that they make each other laugh (A LOT) and never go to bed angry.. I think this a key ingredient to a successful relationship!

With family coming from as far as England, Tristie and Peter wanted to make sure they chose a venue that could host the ceremony, the reception and accommodation all in one so their 70 guests could have an enjoyable, relaxing day without having to worry about anything! Tristie also found a dream team of vendors that she insists she would highly recommend to any future Brides and Grooms which can be found at the end of this post :)

I have been extremely lucky to become their Family photographer now! Capturing elopements, baby showers and Maternity photo’s for them. I look forward to keeping in touch in the years to come!

This wedding still pulls at my heart strings.. It is one of the most emotional weddings I have had the honour to be a part of and capture… Enjoy the journey as documented through my eyes.. (even when they were watery!) Lee x

This is a great example of my 8 hour, all day coverage!


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Kate Ellen Makeup Artist

Evalyn Parsons Hair

Naturelle Floral Designs

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Novotel Twin Waters


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