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Mr & Mrs Sperling ~ Flaxton Gardens

Destined to be with each other.. Born just 2 days apart in the SAME hospital, Juan & Ivana were on the path to their forever, they just didn’t know it! You honestly couldn’t find a more perfect pair, they are both driven but grounded, caring, love their health & fitness and have endless love for...

Mr & Mrs Baxter ~ Flaxton Gardens

I want you all to think back to when you were twelve.. Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, did you see yourself spending the rest of your life with them?! Because that is where Krissy & Dylan’s story began! Pretty amazing right!? On Saturday Krissy and Dylan had luck on their side (after this...

Flaxton Gardens ~ Mr and Mrs Rushe

This is not your average wedding my friends.. After meeting through a mutual friend when they were teenagers, Loren and Michael fast became inseparable! From dirt bike riding to travelling and everything in between, it was clear to everyone that these were the perfect fit! Everyone looks for a certain something when hiring a photographer...

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