Noosa Botanic Gardens ~ Nick and Tahlia’s Engagement session

It all started 4 years ago for Tahlia when she met Nick (who at the time was her boss) but Nick had no idea Tahlia was interested and still to this day swears he was totally oblivious to Tahlia’s affections towards him! They didn’t start dating until Nick moved onto his next endeavour and Tahlia knew she had to do something soon, so she played the old “my car has broken down” card and needed a man to fix it. (Clever girl!) Nick came to the rescue and the rest is history!

I asked them a few questions about what they love most about each other, they both wrote a paragraph in response! But one thing is for sure.. they both love that they are best friends!! I’ll save their responses for their wedding blog next year! :)

The proposal.. Nick, you are a true romantic!! Tahlia shares her side of the proposal and how it all happened!

Nick proposed to me at our home, he had been sitting on the ring for 2 weeks which is surprise in its self (nick is the worst secret keeper ever). He told me to get ready for the day, he just had to go to the supermarket to get washing powder and would be back soon. Over an hour later he returned with the washing powder & I was soon to realise the most amazing engagement ring ever. He told me to hang out in our room while he covered our house in rose petals and started playing “our song” he sent me a message telling me about all the reasons why he loves me, when I came out of our room and followed the rose petals & the music which lead me to him on one knee in our living room. I was totally in shock and burst into tears, repeating “yes yes, of course”

We headed to the Noosa Botanical gardens for their engagement session as this is where Thalia and Nick often come to relax, enjoy picnics, eat cheese, and feed the ducks! These two lovebirds were up for anything, it was awesome!! We threw leaves, blew bubbles, walked and talked about all things love! It was an amazing afternoon, thank you Nick and Tahlia, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for your wedding next March!



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