Hidden Valley, Yandina ~ Purple Rain

I would like to take you all on a little journey.. I want your imaginations to roam wild.. dream big.. be you.

Welcome to Purple Rain, a little styled shoot an amazing team of creatives put together just for you!

Sure, it was envisioned to be sunny, with backlit images of golden halo’s but like real weddings.. we couldn’t control mother nature.. we just had to bend her to create magic.. enjoy the journey my friends..

xxx A mega big shout out to our gorgeous couple Kyle and Alison for being rockstars on the day!!! We love you guys! xxx

hidden_valley_0000 hidden_valley_0002 hidden_valley_0003 hidden_valley_0004 hidden_valley_0005 hidden_valley_0006 hidden_valley_0007 hidden_valley_0008 hidden_valley_0009 hidden_valley_0010 hidden_valley_0011 hidden_valley_0012hidden_valley_0013 hidden_valley_0014 hidden_valley_0015 hidden_valley_0016 hidden_valley_0017 hidden_valley_0018 hidden_valley_0019 hidden_valley_0020 hidden_valley_0021 hidden_valley_0022 hidden_valley_0023hidden_valley_0024 hidden_valley_0025 hidden_valley_0026 hidden_valley_0027 hidden_valley_0028 hidden_valley_0029 hidden_valley_0030 hidden_valley_0031 hidden_valley_0032 hidden_valley_0033 hidden_valley_0034 hidden_valley_0035 hidden_valley_0036hidden_valley_0037 hidden_valley_0038 hidden_valley_0039 hidden_valley_0040 hidden_valley_0041 hidden_valley_0042 hidden_valley_0043 hidden_valley_0044 hidden_valley_0045 hidden_valley_0046 hidden_valley_0047

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