Begonia Historical Homestead, St George, QLD ~ Mr and Mrs Young

“Where is this Begonia Homestead” I hear you ask.. It’s 7 hours West of the Sunshine Coast! And boy was I excited to be capturing Leah and David’s special day!!

You see, I met Leah and David at Sally and Michaels Brisbane wedding on the 17th of August 2014. Somehow (there’s a first time for everything!) I had managed to leave one of my lenses in their room and I asked Leah if she would mind checking when she went back at the end of the night and letting me know? Sure enough, Leah texted me at around 10:30pm that night when I was driving home from Brisbane and let me know she had it! I was so relieved and felt like a total goose! So when she was looking for a photographer for her own special day.. well a few lovely people referred me! I’m a sucker for a country wedding and there is nothing better than a good old road trip! I jumped in the car, by myself, playing my country music in preparation to capture Leah and David’s wedding which just happened to also be on my Birthday!!

Begonia Homestead is a special place for Leah and especially David who has grown up going to this beautiful property that his Aunty (and now unfortunately late Uncle) owns, so there was no question where they would invite their friends and family to stay and celebrate a weekend of Love & happiness!

There were forgotten rings, surprise Akubras and maybe a couple of Rumbos! :)

Oh and the amazing flowers you are about to see came all the way from the Sunshine Coast.. Gingerly Lily & Rose to be exact!

I hope you enjoy the journey through my lens..


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